Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

An ispiring dramas :P

Hello bloggers :D
I know it's my first post on my blog, and i want to share one of my favourite movies and I also think it inspired me, because it makes me want to practice and try hard when I found laziness to play my piano.

It's a korean dramas and called "Beethoven's virus".
Do you know it ?

My first time watching this movie, I got bored and I think it wasn't an interesting movie. But, I found some funny parts so I kept my eyes watching on it. 
Finally, I got attracted to this movie and I started to watching it episode by episodes. One of my reason why I kept watching it because I love 1 actor in this movie, and he is Jang Geun Suk. 

Here's some photo of him ..

Maybe some of you knows, there's many handsome korean actor. I also say he's handsome, but I don't know why, thing that I like from him is his smile :)

Now.. back to the movie :D
I can said this is an inspired drama is because the classical music in here is really really good ! And I suggest you can also watch it if you like classical music.

The plot in this movie it about 2 people (man and woman) that has different jobs, but because one reason, finally they were in charge of playing an instrument in an orchestra (the woman plays violin and the man plays trumpet). And their life for music is started from there.
You can found when they played the music it's not just an easy sheet music, but I think it was a hard classical music to play. The music they played is sort of beethoven's, Mozart, etc (that's why I think it's a hard to play).
What I notice to the movie, it's not the skill of their playing, but how hard they try to get better and better. And I really like the man's character that really thinks about others and also being helpful to others although sometimes his helpfulness makes him sad.

That's a little about Beethoven Virus. If you get interesting to know it, you can watch it.

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