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A little about Cinderella's sister

Helloo !
I'm back to tell you about my english project. The teacher said that I must made or found in internet about another Cinderella's version of story. I'm Soo lucky, because I already know a story about that, but the bad news for me is I must collected it in 2 days :O
But, I'm soo happy and glad to have a partner in this project, because I know that she can help a lot :D

When making it, at first I think it wasn't really hard, because I already know about the story. But when I made it.. I feel it's a little hard to make (because I had to do well with the grammar, tenses, etc and I must run with the time). And luckyy mee, I can made and collect the project on time :D :D

I haven't see the film until it finished (I just watched some episodes), but my friends that already watching it said this film is really good and it's really touching, and one of my friend tells me that she drops tear when she was watching it .. So, I recommend to you to watch this film :) Next time when I have my spare time, I will also watch it :D

Now, I want to share about the summary that I had made :D
EunJu has lost her father since she was a child and the story began with EunJu at the age of 18 years old making breakfast for her brother, while her mother was in fighting with a man. When her mother being beaten to death by the man, EunJu take her mother and quickly go from the house with the hidden proposal ring that was given for her mother (which EunJu stole it to make her mother not turning back to the house).

EunJu had grown up and watching her mother always depend on the other man to have a better life. But, the mother always being disappointed by the men every time. So, EunJu tried to be strong, independent, and looks cool on her expression (but she is a sensitive person). While she run away from her mother’s man, she crash with Hyo Sun.

Trying to get the ring back, EunJu’s mum went to HyoSun’s high school,. At there she found out Hyo Sun is from a rich family, and also found that Hyo Sun’s father is an owner of a local rice wine brewery and a widower. Then, she had a plan to stay at HyoSun’s house, so she becomes really nice and cares to HyoSun. Finally, Hyo Sun’s father falling in love with Eun Ju’s mum and they get married.

Knowing that her mum want to married again with the other man, EunJu ask her mom not to move to the man’s house and made a living by themselves and not to depend on man anymore. But her mum refuse and make sure that it was the last time they have to run again.

From the beginning, HyoSun really happy to have elder sister, so she being so nice to EunJu. But, EunJu is still cold and shows expressions that she hates HyoSun. As the time goes by, EunJu noticed that the family member really cares to HyoSun and always endulge her when she failed. Compared to Eun Ju, Hyo Sun is really a happy girl and never try hard on doing something. She also surrounded by the people that love her, so it makes her a little spoiled. Because of this, sometimes EunJu feels really alone and it makes her really sad.

In EunJu’s loneliness, she felt comfort when she meet a guy named KiHoon (he is a worker from HyoSun’s father brewery). They began to close when KiHoon teach EunJu in math.

One day, HyoSun’s father realized that EunJu was abandont by her mum and she not trusting anyone. So, he say to EunJu that she can trust him and she can ask for help from him. EunJu not really pay attention to him, but she really appreciate him for giving her chance go to school again.

When EunJu tried to open her heart to love KiHoon, suddenly he left without saying anything to EunJu and it makes her feel really sad. Actually KiHoon already made a letter to EunJu for asking him to stay with her and not go, but HyoSun hide it, so EunJu thinks that KiHoon already abandoned her and KiHoon thinks that EunJu was cold hearted not to bother him.

After 8 years, EunJu helps her father in his brewery and trying to find a more cheaper way to produce better quality of rice wine. Her relationships with HyoSun were bad. When HyoSun failed become a ballerina, she come back to her father and thinks that EunJu tried to steal everything from her. HyoSun also lied to EunJu that KiHoon always contacted her.

Later, KiHoon decides come back to her father’s brewery and he also decide to repair his relationships to EunJu, but EunJu just talking to him flatly. It’s because she thinks about his sudden departure, she knows HyoSun also like him and she feels indebted to the family. KiHoon feel hurt. Meanwhile, KiHoon was in situation to stop his brother’s plan to take over HyoSun’s father brewery. His father offered him to stop his brother, and he decided to stop it. But, he was betrayed by his dad and it makes HyoSun’s father in a way of bankrupt. Knowing he almost bankrupt, it makes him really shocked and leading him to death. On the other side, HyoSun blame EunJu that it’s her fault that make her father died.
After that incident, HyoSun did her way to continue her father’s brewery while HyoSun being weak and so often co cry. Finally, HyoSun discovered that her stepmother only acted nice to her and now she was back to her real personality (bad and doesn’t care to others). But, she also found out that EunJu will not steal everything from her.

From that on, she began to do something good for her stepmother and also trying not to hate EunJu anymore. When HyoSun was trying to be good to her stepmother, her stepmother always shows bad reactions and say that she didn’t like anything HyoSun do to her. Everyday that event always happen. When EunJu noticed it, she feels pity to HyoSun. So, she go to her mother and ask her mother to be nice with HyoSun, but her mum ignore it.

One day, HyoSun find her father’s diary and it writes about things that happen when her father is alive and it also written about her stepmother’s bad attitude and events when her stepmother betray her father’s kindness. When she read it, she hates her stepmother a lot. So, she had an idea to revenge of what her stepmother do to her dad.

Everyday, HyoSun being really kind to her mum. But at the back, she really hate her and want to kick her from the house. Finally, her mum feels bad to HyoSun, so she decide to go from the house. It is a really good news to HyoSun, but bad news to EunJu’s little brother.

One day, EunJu’s little brother was lost. Everybody have searched for him, but no one found him. When EunJu’s mother hear this news, she quickly back to the house and said angrily to EunJu and HyoSun because they can’t keep him. After that, she searched her son all over the house and finally found him under the desk in his . When she ask why he lost, her son just say it’s because he played with his dad, but when he was so exciting to play, his father leave him. Hearing his story, her mum, EunJu, and HyoSun were began to cry.

From that event, finally EunJu’s mother stay at home and slowly but sure, her attitude started to be better. Finally, KiHoon’s father was investigated because he made a mistake by cheating to HyoSun’s father. But, KiHoon gives him courage and tell that he will always support him in his difficulties. KiHoon and EunJu’s relationship also better, they talk a lot and finally decide to have a relationship, as a boyfriend and a girlfriend. While HyoSun finally realize that she doesn’t hate her sister. Then, she talk to EunJu and they forgive each other’s mistake that they had done in the past. 

If you want to look the cover of this film, I'll show it to you..

I also put some images of the character (with their name) that have many parts in this film..

 Tae Cyeon as Jeong Woo

 Chun Jung Myung as Ki Hoon

 Moon Geun Young as Eun Ju

Seo Woo as Hyo Sun

Interested when seeing the summary and the characters on my post? Maybe, you should watch it by yourself :D

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Choco and vanilla filled chocolate cupcakes with cornflakes topping

Hello to you !
I'm back to share some recipe that I already made :)

After thinking and choosing from many kinds of cake, finally I choose cupcakes to give to my friend as a present and I made it in this weekend :P
I also search from the internet what kinds of cupcake I'll make. The first web I open to give inspiration to me is . Why I open that first ?
My answer is because my sister tells me that sometimes she likes to watch that TV program and she found out the finalist in that competition is really really good in cooking ! Soo, she tried to open the website and found out there're recipes the contestant made in competition. She decides to make a few of those recipes and she said the taste is really Delicious !

Back to my story ..
Finally, I didn't decide to make cupcakes based on those recipes. I kept searching for making a good and delicious cupcake and I found a web that inspire me how to make it.

I'll share to you the recipes (some of this recipe already I modified)..
Makes for 15 ~
Ingredients =
- 1 cup unsalted butter or margarine
- 1 3/4 cups all - purpose flour
- 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 3/4 cup granulated sugar
- 2 large egg + 1 egg yolk
- 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract (don't use too much if you also want to make chocolate cupcakes from this dough)
- 1 1/2 cups whole milk
- chocolate, cut it square

Notes =
If you also want to make chocolate cupcakes, you just need to add ..
- 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
- 60 gr dark cooking chocolate (melted)

How to make it ?
1. Covered muffin pan with flour and margarine or butter. (it's used so the cupcakes will not stick to the pan)
2. Mixed flour, baking powder, and salt.
3. Mixed sugar, butter with electric mixer (for 3 minutes). Then, add eggs, milk, and vanilla extract. After around 10 minutes and it mixed well, pour ingredients number 2 into it. Mixed it again and after it becomes more tight (not soft), turn off the mixer and wait for 1 minutes.
4. Pour the dough to muffin pan, don't fill it full, just make it 3/4 full.
5. (Additional steps, if you want to make some chocolate cupcakes with this dough). Pour cocoa powder, and melted chocolate to the dough and mixed it well.
6. (Do this step if you want the cupcake filled inside with chocolate). Put, the chocolate square to the center of each cupcake. Make sure the chocolate doesn't appear on the surface.
7. Baked it on 250 celcius degree for 20-25 minutes.

Steps for making the topping =
You can choose 1 of these option for topping ..
1. Mix 1/2 cup butter or margarine, 2 teaspoon of cocoa powder, 1/2 cup of sugar, 120 gr of melting chocolate. Last step, put cornflakes to it and mixed it well.
2. Mix 200 gr of melting chocolate with cornflakes
After you choose, cover the cupcake with the topping.

I have a photo of this recipe ..

Introduction :D

Hello Bloggers !

I almost forget to introduce myself. So now, it's the time for introduction :D

My full name is Rika Nathania, but you can call me Rika :)
I live in Jakarta and now, I'm 15 years old.
I love find new things in life and there's a LOT of things can be happen, so that's why I said life is colourful :)

In my blog, I'll share some of my experiences, about my daily life, and I'll also share good things that I found :P
I like to draw, watching movies and also try new recipe. So, I'll post some of my drawings, good and bad movies that I watched, and also some recipes that I already tried :)

I'll share some of my photos ..

In my lovely room <3

  Actually I don't wear glasses, but I just try wearing those glasses :P

With my lovely Teddy Bear <3

Soo bloggers, if you mind to read my blog, that'll be good. And if I'd made some mistakes you can tell it to me :)

 Ps =
Sorry If I'd made mistakes on my grammar, because I'm still not really good in English :)

Rika :)

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

An ispiring dramas :P

Hello bloggers :D
I know it's my first post on my blog, and i want to share one of my favourite movies and I also think it inspired me, because it makes me want to practice and try hard when I found laziness to play my piano.

It's a korean dramas and called "Beethoven's virus".
Do you know it ?

My first time watching this movie, I got bored and I think it wasn't an interesting movie. But, I found some funny parts so I kept my eyes watching on it. 
Finally, I got attracted to this movie and I started to watching it episode by episodes. One of my reason why I kept watching it because I love 1 actor in this movie, and he is Jang Geun Suk. 

Here's some photo of him ..

Maybe some of you knows, there's many handsome korean actor. I also say he's handsome, but I don't know why, thing that I like from him is his smile :)

Now.. back to the movie :D
I can said this is an inspired drama is because the classical music in here is really really good ! And I suggest you can also watch it if you like classical music.

The plot in this movie it about 2 people (man and woman) that has different jobs, but because one reason, finally they were in charge of playing an instrument in an orchestra (the woman plays violin and the man plays trumpet). And their life for music is started from there.
You can found when they played the music it's not just an easy sheet music, but I think it was a hard classical music to play. The music they played is sort of beethoven's, Mozart, etc (that's why I think it's a hard to play).
What I notice to the movie, it's not the skill of their playing, but how hard they try to get better and better. And I really like the man's character that really thinks about others and also being helpful to others although sometimes his helpfulness makes him sad.

That's a little about Beethoven Virus. If you get interesting to know it, you can watch it.

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