Jumat, 12 November 2010

My first experience setting up menus

Hey yaa all :D 

I have a news to tell you that my mom is going abroad to visit my sister for 10 days, then I must set up for everyday's menus for lunch and also dinners :P

It's a new experience for me doing that and I hope I'll have a ton of ideas came to me and it will be a success..
There's also 1 thing that also challenged me. It is I must cooked by myself for 3 days ! Whoa !! When I know this news I've got interesting. Lol..

I don't know why, but sometimes I just like trying a new things (note: but this activity must a thing that i like :D) ..

I really really hope that it'll be exciting days to me, and I hope so that my dad and brother will like it. hahaha.

There's still 1 thing left that I want tell you, yesterday I've been really exciting and I think it's a really good motivation because my friend said that I'm lucky and great because I can cooked (although I'm only a newbie!) ..

Thank youu for keeping your eyes to this post :D

Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Collection of my comics..

Hi guys ! Sorry for my long absence, because I have too many homework and test :(
I've got confuse what to do with my collection of comics and finally i've decided to sell it *haha*..
Maybe it's not much, but I think it was better to sell it than I just put it without reading it anymore.
When I started to prepared everything I've got really tired compared to my thought beforee..

But now, finally everything is finished and I've made an account in facebook to selling it,  and it was a pleasure for me :)
and now I want to introduce it, please take a look if you want to see :D
Here's the name of that account on facebook ..
Ryukii Zuki

Thanks for your attention <3

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