Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Introduction :D

Hello Bloggers !

I almost forget to introduce myself. So now, it's the time for introduction :D

My full name is Rika Nathania, but you can call me Rika :)
I live in Jakarta and now, I'm 15 years old.
I love find new things in life and there's a LOT of things can be happen, so that's why I said life is colourful :)

In my blog, I'll share some of my experiences, about my daily life, and I'll also share good things that I found :P
I like to draw, watching movies and also try new recipe. So, I'll post some of my drawings, good and bad movies that I watched, and also some recipes that I already tried :)

I'll share some of my photos ..

In my lovely room <3

  Actually I don't wear glasses, but I just try wearing those glasses :P

With my lovely Teddy Bear <3

Soo bloggers, if you mind to read my blog, that'll be good. And if I'd made some mistakes you can tell it to me :)

 Ps =
Sorry If I'd made mistakes on my grammar, because I'm still not really good in English :)

Rika :)

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