Minggu, 12 Januari 2014

What is happiness? What is an actual dream?

Today, was like a turning point for me.
Somehow, I knew that my life are blessed.

I have..........
good friends, family, relatives, sibling and even best friends

I do ....
have talents, able to buy various items, having best education, being loved

Even I,,
consult people, considered wise & patient.
In which, people would think that I'm 90% a perfect woman.

I felt something's missing.
I want to be loved by someone.
I want to know when to smile from the deepest of my heart, cry with 'true' tears, and breathe while enjoying every seconds I live.

It's because of my relationship with HIM are getting distant.
It's me who are slowly avoided HIM. 
I was blown by the wave of the world.

I said, that I was strong, capable, and able to do alone.
However, I'm not...
I'm just someone, who is actually weak inside, but try to be strong outside.

Maybe, it's an alarm for me. To wake up from my sleep without a dream.


As for my dream,
I'm getting curious with my own statement, which I'm really sure about it.
What will I pursue in the future?

I wanted to be a fashion director in fashion related company
I wanted those people smiles and laugh while wearing outfit that I made
I wanted to made every pieces with love, finding a butterfly inside someone and carry it out

But, what have I done now?
It seems, that I was too focused in producing effectively
Too focus on the business itself, how to improve and expand it.
Till I forget the most important part

Made the person who wears it feel a different feeling . Wearing it with a smile.
Cause this hands, are actually destined to turn plain items to a pretty 'jewelries'
It only needs pure heart + little hard work

As I've just realized everything today,
since it's a beginning year,
since it will be a different year,
since I wanted to have best memories in this year,

I'm going to pursue my dream, little by little started from this year 
with all my heart and with a REAL motivation

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