Jumat, 12 November 2010

My first experience setting up menus

Hey yaa all :D 

I have a news to tell you that my mom is going abroad to visit my sister for 10 days, then I must set up for everyday's menus for lunch and also dinners :P

It's a new experience for me doing that and I hope I'll have a ton of ideas came to me and it will be a success..
There's also 1 thing that also challenged me. It is I must cooked by myself for 3 days ! Whoa !! When I know this news I've got interesting. Lol..

I don't know why, but sometimes I just like trying a new things (note: but this activity must a thing that i like :D) ..

I really really hope that it'll be exciting days to me, and I hope so that my dad and brother will like it. hahaha.

There's still 1 thing left that I want tell you, yesterday I've been really exciting and I think it's a really good motivation because my friend said that I'm lucky and great because I can cooked (although I'm only a newbie!) ..

Thank youu for keeping your eyes to this post :D

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